In October 2017 Geelong was designated as a UNESCO Creative City – Design.

“We have been, and always will be, Makers”

Geelong has a long and proud history as a creative city and leader in design. From the Indigenous heritage of the past, to the industrial and automotive design pioneers of the early 20th century, to the vibrant built environment and digital design of today, and the advanced materials manufacture of tomorrow, Greater Geelong has cemented its role in innovative design.

That journey continues with the endorsement of the City of Greater Geelong’s 30-year Clever and Creative vision, which places design at the forefront of our city’s future success.

A creative industries sector scan conducted in 2016 by Creative Geelong Inc. and the Geelong Region Local Learning and Employment Network identified that creative industries in the region contribute over $AUD 1.6 billion – or 5.5% to the overall economic output of the region. Creative industries account for 8% of employment in the region – or over 7,800 of the region’s 98,000 jobs. Creative industries sectors contribute $AUD 488 million or 7.5% overall to the region’s wages and salaries, and represent $AUD 150 million or 1.7% of the region’s exports. There are approximately 5,200 businesses operating in the creative industries sector in the region, and there are hundreds more in micro-business development stage. The City is home to nearly 50 public sculptures and artworks, over a dozen showcase spaces, and hosts hundreds of creative events annually.

At a state level, design is an important contributor to the economy, with the 5,500 Victorian design consultancies generating revenues of $AUD 5.0 billion, with $AUD 0.45 billion in international exports. Nearly half of all Victorian businesses employ some use of design.

We are committed to design heritage, design education mechanisms, design-related events and the creative discipline of design.

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Images of Geelong’s vibrant design community