Design community

Geelong has a rich and vibrant creative community, with active practitioners in every design discipline.

Geelong Region Arts Atlas

The Geelong Region Arts Atlas is a free online discovery tool, providing a nexus to search and find artists, venues, exhibitions, events and creative training and development courses throughout the region.

G21 Arts, Culture and Heritage Pillar

G21 Regional Alliance is a formal alliance of government, business and community organisations who collaborate to advance the prospects of people living within the greater Geelong region. The Arts, Culture and Heritage Pillar aims to foster artistic creativity, cultural leadership and engagement and the utilisation of creative assets through building creative industries, celebrating creative spaces, nurturing artists, designers and design thinking and knowledge. The Pillar’s priority projects include fostering an arts and cultural precinct around the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre, expanding the Geelong Performing Arts Centre and renovating Courthouse Youth Arts.

Creative Geelong

Creative Geelong Inc has been formed to work on understanding work of the future, telling stories of Geelong’s creativity, being a forum for local creative collaboration, and solving problems in the Geelong community.

Geelong Creatives

Geelong Creatives are a collective of over 100 creative minds from the Geelong area who have come together to collaborate, promote and support each other their creative endeavours. Geelong Creatives include fashion and apparel designers, floristry artists, furniture, textile and visual designers.

Art Gusto

ArtGusto is a supported art studio full of energy, vibrancy and original ideas where artists living with disabilities can access support from qualified practicing artists, working with them in a professional studio to assist their artistic practice. ArtGusto is an essential link for these artists within Geelong’s arts community, enabling access to a range of artistic opportunities.

Diversitat Arts

Diversitat produces, develops and supports locally produced arts activities within diverse communities and then presents their hand made products to mainstream audiences in an innovative, exciting, and contemporary way.

Film Geelong

Film Geelong is a one-stop shop to explore opportunities for film and television production. The broader Geelong region is Victoria’s premier location destination offering a diverse, flexible and film friendly production environment – and all within easy reach of the world class facilities of Melbourne.