Future projects

Geelong is at an inflection point; ready to realise a vibrant, clever, creative future. These are just some of the exciting and engaging creative projects in the city’s near-term pipeline.

Australian Centre for Innovation and Design

Design is what links creativity and innovation. It shapes ideas to become practical and attractive propositions  for users or customers. Design may be described as creativity deployed to a specific end.
– Sir George Cox

ACID is an essential complement to the City of Greater Geelong’s application for UNESCO designation as a City of Design. The concept of Dr Robert Treseder, founder of the Academy of Design Australia, ACID will be a collaboration combining art and design, education and training, industry and culture for the benefit of the citizens of Greater Geelong. It will initiate programs and activities that bridge research and education with industry to create new employment opportunities for creative  individuals and groups.

ACID will be a catalyst for discovery of creative potential; it will provide an environment for the incubation of ideas that may lead to innovative development and entrepreneurial success. It will be a community of artists and designers, business and industry entrepreneurs and academic researchers working in partnership to instigate ‘break-throughs’: fusing the uncommon, taking risks, thinking big.

ACID’s three programs will include the:

  • International Design Centre (iDC): initially the iDC will be a virtual centre and website. The long-term plan is to develop a major architectural feature of the kind being developed in Dundee, Scotland, to become a cultural landmark that would complement the Opera House in Sydney. During the development period the iDC will conduct travelling exhibitions in collaboration with UNESCO Cities of Design in Berlin, Dundee, Helsinki, etc. in collaboration with the Geelong Art Gallery.
  • Innoversity Research Centre: in collaboration with Deakin University, Innoversity will conduct research and development of new creative education programs for schools. This will be the ST•A•EM project – putting Arts at the centre of the curriculum. A second project will aim to educate business leaders as to the benefits of design-led innovation to their enterprises; and
  • Magic-Lab Incubator: the incubator will be primarily for the benefit of school the next generation of design-thinking innovators and entrepreneurs – this will be the Rookie Innovators’ Project. A second purpose of Magic-Lab is to stimulate the development of new Startups and Restarts – this project will be done in conjunction with the University of Melbourne.

Greater Geelong – Clever and Creative City-Region

Geelong - Clever and Creative FutureDesign is a focal point of the forward-thinking vision – “Greater Geelong: A Clever and Creative Future” – which will guide the region’s development over the next 30 years. More than 16,000 people contributed to the community-led strategy which will have Greater Geelong recognised regionally, nationally and internationally as a clever and creative city-region.

INDIGO – International Indigenous Design Network

Image attribution: Glenda Nicholls
Image attribution: Glenda Nicholls

In November 2016, Deakin University, a member of the International Council of Design (ico-D), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ico-D as a part of a formal commitment to transfer management of INDIGO, the International Indigenous Design Network, to the university for the next five years.

The agreement included a plan to launch the International Indigenous Design Charter as a flagship project for INDIGO during 10 Days to Change the World in Montréal in 2017 at the World Design Summit.



The City of Montreal, a UNESCO City of Design congratulates Deakin University for agreeing to host, manage and headquarter INDIGO, the International Indigenous Design Network in Geelong on behalf of the Montreal based NGO, International Council of Design (Ico-D).

The City of Montreal supports the partnership between Deakin University and Ico-D and expresses an open willingness to work with the City of Greater Geelong into the future.

Marie-Josée Lacroix, Commissaire au design, Chef d’équipe Bureau du design, Ville de Montréal. 2017


Expanding the Arts and Culture Mobile App Suite with Augmented Reality

The City has a rich portfolio of Arts and Culture mobile applications, including a number that provide discovery into arts and design ‘trails’. Over the coming months, this portfolio will be enhanced with the release of Augmented Reality applications.

‘Scouts’ by Mark Cuthbertson

'Scouts' by Mark Cuthbertson

The idea of the cute fluffy bunny has been flipped on its head with the latest Public Art Acquisition installed along LaTrobe Terrace.

The artwork recasts the rabbit as a sinister invasive species, which has been responsible for much environmental damage across the nation. The artwork created by local artist Mark Cuthbertson is certain to cause people to question the work and its intent.

Mark Cuthberston, has said of this latest series:

“This current body of work is exploring metaphors of colonisation & domestication within a broad national context, who we are & where we have come from. The work is questioning our colonial history, our family heritage, the idea of landownership… a story of ill-gotten gain & of thieves in the night. The work is about a clash of cultures and beliefs, rendered in concrete, the bed rock of the new empire, a metaphorical symbol of the countries evolving landscape.”
– Mark Cuthbertson

‘Scouts’ by Mark Cuthbertson

Urban design and laneways redevelopment

Geelong is creating its own unique laneways culture, and strengthening the attraction and vibrancy of the CBD though enhancements to the West End of the city. The changes include more alfresco dining spaces, additional plantings and public art, street furniture and lighting.


Runway is focussed on cultivating and growing emerging start-ups by creating an innovation hub in the Geelong region. Runway will help identify, resource, support and launch high potential start-ups via an entire ecosystem designed to maximise success for the start up. Over 10 years, the initiative aims to generate more than 500 direct and 2,500 indirect jobs, and create up to 70 new enterprises. Each year, Runway will select between 5 – 15 high potential local, national and international start-ups and provide them with funding, co-working space, mentoring, training and business support programs.